Version: 3.6.3 (09 June 2024) Added: Pause on mouse hover in advanced slider widget Improved: Table and motion text widget sanitization Version: 3.6.2 (20 May 2024) Improved: Wrapper link module URL sanitization Improved: Table widget external link data sanitization Version: 3.6.1 (15 April 2024) Added: Interactive links widget Fixed: Minor bug & improvements Improved: Several widget sanitization Version: 3.6.0 (31 March 2024) Added: Protected content widget Added: Mouse cursor margin control Added: Breakpoints in sticky module Fixed: Facebook review widget showing error with TranslatePress plugin Version: 3.5.0 (27 November 2023) Added: Mouse cursor module Added: Glass morphism module Added: Table widget search icon control Added: Chart widget legend click option Fixed: Price menu widget card list link issue Fixed: Facebook page video play issue Fixed: Blog posts load more issues Version: 3.4.1 (14 November 2023) Fixed: Google sheet token expire issue Fixed: Table responsive not working properly Improved: Access control security Version: 3.4.0 (31 October 2023) Added: Comparison table widget Added: Wrapper link Module Fixed: Volume display handling for touch devices Fixed: Price menu widget anchor tag issue Fixed: Facebook feed responsive issues Fixed: Facebook page review widget ID token vaildation check Fixed: Blog posts masonry issue Fixed: Advanced slider thumbs issue Fixed: Blog posts widgets load more Improved: Vertical menu dropdown arrow changes option Version: 3.3.0 (04 Jul 2023) Fixed: Popup Modal Widget editor loading Fixed: Advanced Tab hash change undefined Fixed: HTML is not working in Advanced Tab Widget Version: 3.2.1 (05 Apr 2023) Fixed: Swiper v8.45 compatibility Fixed: Advanced Tab Widget Enable URL Hash Issue Fixed: Pause on Hover option doesn\'t work on the Video Gallery widget Carousel Fixed: Stylish List description escaping issue Fixed: Social profile URL on the popup of the Team Carousel Slider widget issue. Fixed: Yelp Review feed issue Improved: Advanced Slider Widget Js Optimize and New Controls Added like Thumbnail Scale, Loop Option, Speed. Improved: Fancy Animated Text Support with an Advanced Slider widget Version: 3.2.0 (28 Feb 2023) Added: Content Ticker widget Added: Coupon Code Widget Added: Particles Module Added: New styles and features in Whatsapp Widget Added: Icons for Dribble, Pinterest and Behance Feed Widgets Fixed: Parallax Module support with Flex Container Fixed: Maximum project per page is fixed at Dribble Feed Widget Fixed: Breakpoints issue fixed for Advanced Slider Widget Fixed: Parallax Module On Mouse Move effect for widget support with Container. Fixed: Compatibility issues with Eduma theme Improved: Accessibility for widgets and modules Version: 3.1.0 (16 Jan 2023) Added: Audio Player Widget Added: Flip Box Widget Added: Image Morphing Widget Added: Flex container support Added: Carousel Slider controls to Blog Post Widget Added: Ten new swap styles to Image Swap Widget Fixed: Gallery Widget PHP warning issue Fixed: Box-shadow arrow issue in Advanced Tooltip Module Fixed: Swiper slider initial loading breaks columns Fixed: Link getting duplicate for socials in Team Carousel Slider Improved: Team Carousel Slider controls Improved: Optimize JS for Behance Feed Widget Improved: Widgets searching keywords for editor panel Improved: Breadcrumb Widget styles and controls Tweaked: Disable glare effect in Parallax Module Version: 3.0.0 (12 Dec 2022) Added: Stylish List widget Added: Team Carousel Slider widget Added: Widgets Documentation URL Fixed: Fancy Animated Text animation issues Fixed: Board name more than one word doesn\'t fetch in Pinterest Feed widget Fixed: Price Menu widget link doesn\'t work properly Fixed: Button link not working properly in Image hover effect Fixed: Arrow position in Video Gallery Fixed: Flickering issue for Advanced tab content Fixed: Advanced widgets issue with Table widget Fixed: Testimonials slider not working inside advanced tab of OceanWP theme Fixed: Fancy Animated Text Widget Text crop & Cursor gap issue Fixed: Advanced tab widget vertical height issues Fixed: Responsive issues in Video Gallery widget Fixed: Firebase JWT conflict issue Improved: Parallax module js Improved: Vertical alignment in Advanced Tab widget Improved: Fancy Animated Text Widget Visibility Improved: Fancy Animated Text Widget Bar Loading Animation Improved: Fancy Animated Text Widget SVG Shape left, Right Moved Improved: Advanced Slider widget Progress-bar System & Slider Content Animation Improved: Advanced Slider widget Slides Per View & Wrapper Padding Improved: Filter spacing Control in Video Gallery widget Tweaked: Image Overlay control in Blog Post widget Tweaked: Advanced Slider widget Vertical & Image Thumbs Version: 2.8.0 (04 Oct 2022) Added: Price Menu widget Added: Fancy Animated Text Widget Added: Image Masking Module Version: 2.7.0 (24 Aug 2022) Added: Image Hover Effect widget Added: Option for disable CSS3 animation for responsiveness Added: Horizontal bottom position for Timeline widget Version: 2.6.10 (17 Jul 2022) Added: Facebook Feed widget\'s demo in Template library Added: Style for Breadcrumb widget Added: Text field in Woo Mini Cart widget Fixed: Code Optimized. Fixed: Vendor conflict issue Fixed: Advanced Tooltip background not changed when upload image Fixed: Conflict css issue with twenty twenty one theme Fixed: Pinterest share is not working in Facebook Feed widget Fixed: Advanced tab issue for OceanWP Theme Fixed: Woo Mini Cart css issue for OceanWP theme Fixed: Timeline widget\'s title, subtitle and anchor color not changing Tweaked: Table Widget css issue in OceanWP Theme Version: 2.6.9 (26 Jun 2022) Fixed: Code Optimized. Version: 2.6.9 (27 Jun 2022) Fixed: CSS bug. Version: 2.6.8 (24 May 2022) Fixed: CSS bug. Version: 2.6.7 (27th April 2022) Added: Compatibility with PHP 8.0. Tweaked: JS , PHP & CSS. Version: 2.6.6 (25th April 2022) Fixed: Advance Tab widget issue. Fixed: Advance Accordion widget issue. Fixed: Advance Toggle widget issue. Fixed: Advance Slider widget issue. Version: 2.5.6 (2022-04-18) Added: Language Files. Added: WPMl support for Elementskit template specially for Header & Footer Builder. Fixed: Escaping issues. Fixed: Theme support issue. Fixed: One page scroll issue. Tweaked: Change some links. Version: 2.6.4 (27th March 2022) Added: Subcontinent and Image in Advanced Tooltip widget. Improved: Added Advance tooltip subtitle, image, and many controls. Fixed: Body alignment issue in Table widget. Fixed: HTML content issue in Advanced Tooltip widget. Fixed: Instagram widget caption and others issues Fixed: Elementor 3.6.1 conflicts for deprecation. Fixed: Elementor responsive control devices compatibility issue Fixed: Tweak border radius issue of advance tooltip widget Fixed: Advanced tab issue ( specially with OceanWP theme ) Version: 2.6.3 (15th February 2022) Improved: Parallax doesn\'t work on tablets & mobile devices. Fixed: Table widget issue ( Editor output style not work & HTML print with image). Fixed: Video widget issue. Fixed: Conditional content module has a conflict with the Russian language.   Version: 2.6.2 (30th January 2022) Added: Integrate google sheet inside table widget. Added: WYSIWYG control for table body text. Fixed: Table widget open function warning. Fixed: Table widget image issue. Version: 2.6.1 (22nd January 2022) Fixed: Icon missing & replaced font awesome icon with elementor icon. Fixed: Advanced Tab issue with OceanWP theme. Tweaked: CSS and JS improved. Version: 2.6.0 (9th January 2022) Added: Ajax Loading support for Advanced Tab Widget. Improved: Improved data attribute. Improved: Update paralax library version(Jaralax). Improved: Mini cart & ajax loading support for Advanced Tab. Fixed: HTML tag does not work into table widget cell text. Fixed: PHP notice and warning when the username does not exist in the Pinterest feed. Fixed: Limiting Instagram feeds causes shrinking of columns in Instagram feed. Version: 2.5.0 (20th December 2021) New: Hover option added for Vertical Menu Widget. New: Russian language for translation. Fix: Sticky Offset support for Smooth Scrolling. Fix: Background Image rendering issue for Parallax Module. Fix: Table widget missing controls. Fix: Instagram Feed Fatal Error. Removed: Comment and like count from Instagram feed widget. Version: 2.4.1 (2nd December 2021) Fix: Script defer loading issue for Copy-Paste Module. Tweak: CSS and JS improved Version: 2.4.0 (25th November 2021) Improved: Bundled Modules js for avoiding multiple requests to increase the performance. Tweak: CSS and JS improved Version: 2.3.7 (7th November 2021) Fix: Woo Product Carousel issue. Fix: Advanced tab nested issue fixed. Fix: fixed grid compatibility issue. Tweak: CSS and JS improved Version: 2.3.6 (26th September 2021) Fix: Woo Category widget grid issue with Astra theme Fix: Woo Product List widget grid issue with Astra theme Fix: Hover behavior issue for Woo Mini-Cart Widget. Fix: Responsive support for Chart Widget with large data. Fix: Horizontal style content alignment for Timeline Widget. Version: 2.3.5 (19 August 2021) Fix: JS conflict when the first load for Parallax Module. Fix: Responsive controls issue for Woo Category List Widget. Fix: Removed deprecated Elementor PHP Methods from Widgets. Version: 2.3.4 Fix: Advanced Accordion and Advanced Tab widgets conflict with the OceanWP theme. Fix: Advanced Toggle widget Indicator Global color issues. Fix: Unfold widget title alignment issue. Fix: Timeline widget content alignment issue. Version: 2.3.3 Fix: Swiper Slider conflict issues fixed with other themes. Version: 2.3.2 Tweak: Removed loop from carousel-related widgets. Version: 2.3.1 Fix: Multiple placeholder image upload issues when importing widget. Fix: Background color delay loading issues fixed on Table widget. Tweak: Improved W3validation. Tweak: TweenMax JS Library updated to the latest version. Tweek: Converted widgets slideshow from slick to swiper. Tweak: Optimized Images. Tweak: Removed Trustpilot widget support. Version: 2.3.0 New: Refined Layout Manager with Tabs, Categories, and Search filters. New: Modern and Creative Template Kits, Pages, and Section Ready Templates. Tweak: Manual cache clear button for Dribbble Feed widget. Tweak: Getting access token made easy for Dribbble Feed widget. Tweak: Bring unfold widget into viewport while closing the content. Fix: Mobile scrolling issues for Hotspot Widget. Fix: Undefined variables for Twitter Feed Widget. Fix: Limit for Facebook Feed API. Fix: Reaction Icons for Facebook Feed. Fix: Minor spelling issue.   Version: 2.2.3 (10 May, 2021) New: Hover Trigger on Advanced Tab Widget. Tweak: Improvements for the Instagram API. Tweak: Improvements for the Facebook Feed API. Fix: Profile Picture issue for Instagram Widget. Version: 2.2.2 (29 April, 2021) New: Blog Posts Widget Floating Category. New: Blog Posts Widget Various Missing Controls. New: Dribbble Feed User Info & Header. New: Dribbble Feed Various Missing Controls. New: Border control to Pinterest feed widget. New: Follow button icon control to Twitter feed widget. New: Padding control to Twitter feed widget. New: Header background control to Twitter feed widget. New: Share button to Twitter feed widget. Tweak: SVG icon to elementskit icon to Twitter feed widget. Tweak: Layout five to Behance feed widget. Tweak: Replaced deprecated Elementor PHP Methods for Widgets. Fix: Category List Widget separator position issue. Fix: Google Map Widget static type image issue. Fix: Facebook Page Review content alignment issue. Fix: Twitter feed read more button. Fix: Header Alignment Control for Table Widget. Fix: Product Count styles for Woo Category List Widget. Fix: Responsive support for Dribbble Feed Widget. Version: 2.2.1 (14-04-2021) Fix: Compatibility issues with Elementor 3.2.0. Version: 2.2.0 (02-03-2021) Improve: Minor bug fix and code improvements. Improve: Minor escaping and validation improvements. Version: 2.1.7 New: Image Size control for Gallery Widget. New: Option to Show/Hide Facebook Messenger Dialog Box. New: Image Comparison support for Advanced Tab Widget. Fix: Responsive glitch in Timeline Widget. Version: 2.1.6 (07-02-2021) New: Introducing Image Swap Widget - show a different image as the user hovers. Version: 2.1.5 (27-01-2021) Fix Sticky Module conflict with latest Elementor. Fix Slick Library update support for the Latest Elementor update. Fix: Woo Category List widget featured style minor CSS grid issue. Version: 2.1.4 (25-01-2021) Tweak: Support W3C validation when using Facebook Messenger. Fix: Blog Posts Widget default image size changed to provide clear images. Version: 2.1.3 (18-01-2021) Fix: Instagram API expiration time extended. Fix: Editor live changes support for Advanced Tooltip. Version: 2.1.2 (12-01-2021) Fixed Advanced Tooltip js conflict in the Elementor editor. Version: 2.1.1 (10-01-2021) New: Introducing Advanced Tooltip - add tooltip to any Widget. Fix: Improved Advanced Toggle Widget toggler btn. Fix: Missing string translations for Table Widget. Fix: List style reset for Gallery Filter. Version: 2.1.0 (24-12-2020) New: Advanced Tab Widget now has the option to enable URL hash routing capability. New: Option to set popup alignment for Woo Mini-Cart Widget. Fix: Popup Modal Widget content editor showing the same content for multiple widgets on the same page. Fix: Minor CSS broken issues fixed on Hotspot Widget. Fix: Some CSS broken issues fixed on the hotspot Fix: added featured category link field \'Woo Category List\' widget Fix: Buttons white-space are reset to default. Fix: Woo Product Carousel and List Widget compatibility with TwentyTwentyOne Theme. Fix: CSS ul and ol list-style weren\'t visible inside widgets. Version: 2.0.6 (06-12-2020) Fix: JS conflict issues fixed with the \'Rank Math\' plugin. Improve: CSS and JS improved. Version: 2.0.5 (01-12-2020) New: Added \'Popup Modal\' widget. New: Added new Instagram widget with Instagram official API. New: Added control for keeping one dot always active. New: Added Iframe and shortcode support on content. Fix: Clicking pointer issues fixed. Fix: \"Non-property\" notice in the Instagram widget. Fix: Fixed the line issues when increasing the pointer size. Fix: Minor responsive issues fixed. Version: 2.0.3 (16-11-2020) New: Advanced controls for Conditional Widget. New: Cross-domain copy-paste module (the long waited feature). New: Added default color scheme on Facebook Messenger widget. New: Added Locale on Facebook Messenger widget. Fix: Current image missing for Advanced Tab. Fix: Ekit button js error when the \"add a section\" is clicked. Tweak: Instagram feed widget. Tweak: Improved CSS & JS. Version: 2.0.2 Fix Facebook feed API. Fix Some spelling mistakes. Fix: License activation conflicting. Version: 2.0.1 Fix: Instagram\'s cache issue. Posts were not properly updated. Version: 2.0.0 Added: New features: \"dribble-feed, facebook-feed, facebook-review, Instagram-feed, twitter-feed, Trustpilot, unfold, yelp, zoom, Unfold\"
Added: Pagination to Blog Posts.
Added: Import & export system for the WidgetBuilder module.
Fix: Google Map API Script is enqueueing even it\'s not enabled.
Fix: Facebook Review Broken issue.
Fix: HeaderFooter builder compatibility. Version 1.5.8 Added Widget builder stable version Version 1.5.7 Added elementor 3.0.4 compatibility Version: 1.5.6 Added elementor 3.0.1 compatibility Version: 1.5.5 - Improved Nav menu widget - Changed ekit menu position in admin - improved post tab widget - Zoom Integration module added Version: 1.5.3 Fixed Instagram widgets¬† issue Version: 1.5.2 From version 1.5.2 ElementsKit Pro requires a Lite version of elementskit for better performance and maintenance.¬† The big update is coming with lots of improvement in the next update :) Elementskit icon rendering issues fixed Social-media Href duplication issues fixed Minor js issue fixed for Onepage Scroll Module Version 1.5.0 Updated Lottie Widget Updated Woo_Product_List Updated Woo_Product_Carousel Updated Nav_Menu Updated Gallery Added Megamenu width option Version 1.4.8 New: added Lottie Widget New: added one page-scroll module Tweak: Some widgets control modified Fix: CSS Improved Fix: JS Improved version 1.4.7 Fix: mobile sub-menu issues fixed Fix: CSS Improved Fix: JS Improved   Version 1.4.6 Fix: menu broken fix Fix: CSS Improved Fix: JS Improved Version 1.4.5 Fix: megamenu popup issues Fix: Url attribute added correctly in all widgets Fix: Advanced tab, accordion, off-canvas, etc popup issues fixed Fix: Conflict fixed with the latest elementor New: Onepage scroll module control added Removed: elementskit.ttf file Version 1.4.4 Fix: Responsiveness fixed on woo-product-carousel widgets Fix: CSS bug fix on the popup Fix: post-list widget meta date Fix: Testimonial widgets improved style Fix: CSS Improved Fix: JS Improved Version 1.4.3 Fix: More secure modal Fix: Removed container from blog post widgets Fix: CSS Improved Fix: JS Improved Version 1.4.2 Refactor: Timeline widget Improved: Sticky module option Fix: Widgets Improved Fix: Elementor Compatability Improved Fix: Megamenu bug fixed Fix: Woo Product list widget mobile Compatability Improved Fix: CSS Improved Fix: JS Improved Version 1.4.1
New: RTL feature added
Fix: Latest elementor compatibility
Fix: WPML compatibility
Fix: Page list new tab issues
Fix: google indexing issues
Fix: IMG linked on image box widget
Fix: Popup broken issues
Fix: Fix theme conflict for woo widgets
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved
Version 1.4.0 Removed unnecessary dynamic tags from widgets. Fix: Compatability issues with elementor latest version Fix: Excluding template files from search engines Version 1.3.6 Dark mode CSS fixed Fixed admin data not saving in all deactivate mode Fixed woo product img link icon box button hover effect fixed wpml mega-menu fixed update Instagram v1.3.5 update woo carousel responsive issue update hotspot responsive issue update Instagram one column style push to the responsive breakpoint add 2 notes on the post grid and post tab fixed header search issues renamed shuffle-letters js in the config file Version 1.3.4 Fix: added reset query in the blog post widget Fix: added icon from control in the search field Fix: Icon box animation fixing Fix: ImageLoaded js issues in image comparison and gallery widget Fix: JS Improvements Fix: CSS Improvements New: added new URL control in the gallery widget to make each item linkable. New: added new dashboard design Version 1.3.3 Update icon-box Added icon from control in the search field Added link control in the gallery Added a control from img comparison, Updated woo cat-list hover title color Update dashboard design 1.3.1 URL updated Minor bug fixed 1.3.0 Moved to our site With Icon update